We offer the below payment options for Complete Renovations.

One of the major risks that people consider when planning a renovation is paying for a service or a product upfront and NOT being sure that it gets delivered. 


At Sydney Metro Renovations, we work for the client and will NEVER release any funds to tradies unless the client receives what he was promised. In order to achieve the maximum piece of mind for the client, we have invented ways to protect the client and make sure he gets what he was promised 

Option 1: Stage by Stage

By choosing this method, our team will break down the scope of works into stages where you will pay upfront for every stage seperate and this method will Make the payment process much easier to control and the client will always be left with peace of mind and never be out of pocket.

Modern Home
Modern Home Exterior

Option 2: Daily Back-payments

This Concept provides the client with maximum protection as our team will provide the client with an estimate of the number of days required to finalise the job and a total cost figure of the work. 


Then, the team will divide the total cost figure with the number of days required and issue the client with a daily dollar figure for a full day of work. In Example:

  • Total work quoted at $90k

  • Number of days estimated to finish the work is 30 days


In this instance, the client will pay $3k for every day the tradies show up and do work.


This way provides our clients with the maximum piece of mind and it will ensure that the client will NOT make any payments towards the work unless there’s work getting done. If tradies DO NOT SHOW UP on any day, then the client will NOT be required to pay anything for that day.


Note: this payment concept will incur a %3 surcharge increase in the quote as it requires daily involvement of our management team.


We offer the below payment options for Kitchens.

Option 1: Lump Sum

We take lump sum upfront payments for the entire job to save you the hassle of making progress payments. We ensure that the lump sum payment is put to effective use and all aspects of the design/install are completed beyond expectations.

Option 2: Purchase Materials

Not comfortable making a lump sum payment? you can purchase the materials for us and pay us for our work later on. This method ensures our team is kept efficient, motivated and delivers the work beyond all expectations.