Modern Bathroom

At Sydney Metro Renovations, we realise that thinking about a renovation or upgrading the kitchen or bathroom is one thing, but making it happen is another.

We have been in the industry for long enough to address the main problems that people face when renovating their property. Some of the points are: 


  1. Unfair extra charges by contractors for work that was included in the initial agreement claiming that it is out of the initial scope of works originally quoted and refusing to complete the works unless the client pays the unfair extra amounts.

  2. Contractors asking for huge upfront lump sums of money and NOT showing up to do the work

  3. Contractors leaving a huge mess for the client to deal with after every single day of work 

  4. Contractors damaging existing structure and NOT admitting liability 

  5. Unlicensed Contractors doing work leaving the client to deal with any consequence raising from their poor performance 

  6. Contractors NOT using the right equipment to minimise the amount of dust floating in the property as a result of their work.

  7. Renovation contractors NOT providing the client with one point of contact to deal with and forward all his complaints to without the need to clash with individual tradies. 

  8. Clients NOT receiving daily or weekly updates on the progress of the works and any changes to the competition time frame

  9. Contractors NOT rectifying any problems occurring after the job is completed 

  10. Contractors doing multiple jobs at once to maximise their income leaving the clients FAMILY HOME in a huge mess for very long periods of time.


Contact us and let us lead you to making your RENOVATION fun instead of stressful and give us the opportunity to work with you to avoid all the above potential problems.